I recently stumbled on these results from an OECD survey which put a feeling that I’ve had for a long time into clear facts and figures
– Denmark really is the best country in the world to work in!

Having worked for – and run – international companies both in Denmark and abroad, I have truly come to appreciate the benefits that come with an employment in Denmark.

All work and no play

Yes, Danish taxes on income and sales are sky-high, but thinking back on the limited hours of spare time I had while working in the US, actually having a work-life balance today puts it all into perspective.

Funnily enough, the survey’s top 10 countries with the best work-life balance are all European countries – 6 of which are countries with e-conomic offices.

So I’m happy to be able to offer my colleagues across all countries the world’s best work-life balance and hope that more dedicated pioneers will want to come and join our rapidly growing international teams and see for themselves.